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Meknes city has a strategic location on the highland plateau of north-central Morocco between Rabat and Fez which makes it a passage to many neighboring historical monuments and landscapes. The climate is very nice. Spring and summer are favorite seasons for visitors since they display the most charming weather which paves the way for local festivals promoting the diversity of Meknes’ culture.

Meknes is one of the imperial cities in morocco known by its abundant water resources due to its location near the middle Atlas that is considered the biggest tank of water in Morocco; in addition to the richness and fertility of its lands. Such geographical qualities have made it attractive to investment, namely in the agriculture sector.

Berbers first settled in Meknès, Morocco in the 10th century, but it wasn’t until 700 years later that the city really came into its own.  When Moulay ar-Rashid died in 1672, his brother and successor, Moulay Ismail, made Meknès his capital.  He would reign from here for the next 55 years.

Moulay Ismail built 25 kilometers of imposing walls with monumental gates and an enormous palace complex that was never finished.

After he died, his descendants moved the capital to Marrakech and Meknès reverted to being a backwater.  When the Lisbon earthquake struck in 1755, many of the city’s monuments were stripped so that the marble and other materials could be used to repair buildings elsewhere.

In 1912, the French made Meknès their military headquarters.  There are many reminders of their occupancy today in shop signs and information boards.

It’s only in the past few decades that parts of Meknès have begun to be restored.


Its climate is amazing, it has a Mediterranean climate, shifting from cool cold winter to hot days in the summer, however, the nights are always cool, the bad news is, it rarely snows in Meknes. In Meknes, you can find all kinds of markets, shops, restaurants, gardens…and much more, in another way, when you in Meknes you do not have to travel to another city to get something, everything you need is there. Moroccan people in general, and Meknes people to be more specific are well known for their hospitality and generous, you can be sure that you will build a lot of new relations, and you will taste a lot of their feasts, and not many enjoy a tasty burger made of a camel in your place, you will see the sign with a camel face one of the butcher’s markets. It is exquisite, a bit spicy but very good and different. About the city geography, it is not hard to tell that you will find amazing sights there, from high mountains to big forests, and landscapes, other than that in Meknes you can find:

Meknes is an agricultural city par excellence. The plantations of olive trees are one of its characteristics as well as its olive oil. The large rich fields of grapes are highly remarkable in Meknes and most of them are exported to Europe thanks to their good quality. Such geographical advantages make Meknes qualified to host the international exhibition of agriculture. The latter covers 100,000 square meters and welcomes professionals and exhibitors from all over the globe. The rationale is to showcase the latest innovations that may lead to improving the agricultural field locally and globally.

Landmark Monuments

Bab Al-Mansour is one of the most remarkable gates in Morocco and even in North Africa. It was built in the reign of Moulay Ismail by a Christian engineer who had converted to Islam. It was decorated by Moulay Abdallah (the son of Moulay Ismail).

Hedim Square is a large square located in the heart of the old Meknes medina. It was established by Moulay Ismail for the exposition of his army. It has seen many changes and it has become now a place for cultural activities animated by storytellers to entertain tourists.

Walili (Volubilis): (About 23 km from Meknes and near Moulay Idriss Zerhoun)

Its history goes back to 40 A.D. It is an amazing tourist site that invites countless visitors yearly. Really, it is a great memorial of the Roman civilization.

the old medina

The old medina in Meknes is a living museum for tourists since it incarnates the major historical landmarks of the city.

What is appealing while visiting the old medina are its crafts. They are symbolic capital of the city that epitomizes its originality and specificity. Souk (markets) are popular in the old medina and they are a target for buying traditional clothes and jewelry. They are distinct by their narrowness and most of the times overcrowded. In the center of the old medina there is the Madrasa Bou Anania, a stunning quranic school that goes back to the 14th century. The latter is located near Jamaa Lakbir (the big mosque) which adds a pinch of spirituality to the old medina.

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