Ait Ben Haddou

Ait Ben Haddou

kasbah ait behaddou

Aït Benhaddou (Berbers languages Arabic: آيت بن حدّو‎) is an ighrem (fortified village in English) along the former caravan route between the Sahara and Marrakech in present-day Morocco. Most citizens attracted by the tourist trade live in more modern dwellings in a village on the other side of the river, although there are four families still living in the ancient village. Inside the walls of the ksar are half a dozen kasbahs, or merchants’ houses. Ksar Aït Benhaddou is a great example of Moroccan earthen clay architecture and has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987.

Ksar Ait Ben Haddou is an ancient city located along the Ouarzazate Town  river near Marrakech. This UNESCO World Heritage site in Morocco is very popular among travelers. Mainly because it is one of the filming locations of HBO’s blockbuster series: Game of Thrones and gladiator movies . The Kasbah of Ait BenHaddou in North Africa are over a 1000 years old but still just as relevant and a must-visit if you are planning to visit Morocco.

The word ‘Ksar’ refers to a large group of kasbas (homes) that are built close together and which are located behind the fortified walls of a city. Ait-Ben-Haddou is an earthen city that is constructed from clay bricks and has thick defensive walls protecting the interior. The corner towers reinforce the defenses and stand high above the walls, casting an intimidating shadow against the skyline. Ait-Ben-Haddou was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Morocco in 1987. Interestingly, this site has a very strong bond with Hollywood. David Lean chose Ait-Ben-Haddou as the perfect location for his movie, ‘Lawrence of Arabia’, in the year 1962. On closer inspection, Lean discovered that the buildings were starting to fall into disrepair and so he quickly set about restoring some of the unique homes. Due to continuous restoration work and the recognition of the importance of this site, the front half of this amazing site is in very good condition. Unfortunately there are buildings situated near the back of the city that are still in desperate need of attention.

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To reach ksar Ait Ben haddou from Marrakech you have to pass the Atlas Mountains. This 4-hour drive will bring you along Tizi n’ Tichka and provides you with some of the most amazing views. The easiest way to visit Ait Ben Haddou is by booking a tour, but there are more options.

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Like always the best time to Trip a UNESCO World Heritage is as early as possible or later in the afternoon. With ksar Ait Ben Haddou it is the same situation as it is very popular among travelers in Morocco.

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Atlas Mountains

Atlas Mountains

Atlas Mountains Morocco

High Atlas, French Haut Atlas, or Great Atlas, a mountain range in central Morocco. It extends northeastward for 460 miles (740 km), from the Atlantic Coast to the Algerian border. Many peaks exceed an elevation of 12,000 feet (3,660 metres), including Mount Ayachi (12,260 feet [3,737 metres]), Mount M’Goun (13,356 feet [4,071 metres]), and Mount Toubkal (13,665 feet [4,165 metres]), the highest point in the Atlas Mountains. Well-known passes include Tichka (7,438 feet [2,267 metres]), Test (approximately 7,300 feet [2,225 metres]), and Talrhemt (approximately 7,250 feet [2,210 metres]). The northern sides and tops of the lower peaks are clothed with forests of cork, oak, pine, cedar, and other trees, including walnuts, which grow to the limit of irrigation. The lower slopes enclose well-watered valleys in which the Amazigh (Berber) peoples cultivate tiny irrigated fields. The mountains’ southern flanks, exposed to the hot, dry Saharan winds, are generally destitute of vegetation. Minerals extracted include copper, iron ore, lead, zinc, and manganese. Skiing is popular when snow covers the peaks, and many tourists visit Toubkal National Park for hiking in the summer months.

The High Atlas Mountains are the most easily reached section of the Atlas Mountains and arguably the most spectacular, the High Atlas Mountains, are only a 2 hr drive from Marrakech centred around the trailhead town of Imlil and peak of Toubkal. This guide is primarily concerned with this area.

The area can be reached in a (long) day trip from Marrakech. However given the 2 hr drive each way, we would rather recommend staying overnight. Multi-day treks are a wonderful way to experience the landscape and traditional Berber culture, or you can simply relax on the rooftop terrace of a charming mountain guesthouse and take in the views over a good book and a few gentle short walks.

Are you looking to experience a real taste of Morocco but don’t know which of our activities is best for you?
We offer you a bit of everything Morocco has to offer – mountains, including the highest in North Africa, desert, with the spectacular Erg Chebbi sand dunes and the coast,a windsurfing paradise. So if you want to cram in as much as you can on your trip to Morocco then our combined tours are for you!

Our aim is to provide you with a memorable holiday, at a reasonable cost, combining physical challenge, spectacular scenery and an insight into the Moroccan way of life.

We recommend that you look at our Walking Trek and Desert Tours as most of these can be adapted to make a Combined Tour. Let us know what you want on the Enquiry Form and we’ll do the rest!

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  Casablanca morocco tours

Casablanca morocco travel Tours: Casablanca is the largest city in Morocco.  It is the country’s commercial hub and locals tend to be more interested in business than in tourism.  However, whilst it isn’t as atmospheric as other more popular Moroccan cities, Casablanca is definitely worth a day or two out of any trip to this North African nation.  In this post, I will describe the best things to do.

Casablanca is one of the most attractive cities in Morocco to see. It’s not only the magnificent spots that are charming the travelers from over the globe but also the culture and the architecture. Speaking of local architecture, we must mention the biggest mosque Hassan II, which is the second biggest mosque in the world. While you can travel to Morocco in a group, sometimes the best journeys are these you take with your loved one.

Morocco travel tour offers a range of morocco tours which are starting from Casablanca such as the tour of the imperial cities. Since the biggest airport in Morocco is located in Casablanca most of our tours can start within.  We also have a full-day guided tour in Casablanca to visiting medina. The tour includes a city guide who will take you around and show you the best of the town, including the oldest quarter in the city which is known as Medina. We must also point out the jew’s quarter known as Mellah.

If you would like to book one of our tours from Casablanca and you have special wishes, we recommend you contact us beforehand. We, can, of course, organize all your Moroccan tours with departing from all over Morocco. All our Casablanca tours can be adapted and adjusted to suit the needs and desires of our clients.

If you want to hit Morocco’s highlights, this is your adventure. Wander through kasbahs, spice markets, and cities pulsing with energy on this comprehensive trips from Casablanca. Climb onto a camel and explore the edge of the Sahara before admiring the views from the heights of the Atlas Mountains. Experience the energy of imperial cities as you explore souks stuffed with exotic wares. Then take a moment to appreciate this amazing adventure as you camp under shining stars among some of the world’s biggest sand dunes. Look no further our desert tour packages and itineraries from Casablanca can do all this and more. As always your satisfaction is our priority Aim.

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casablanca day tour

casablanca day tour

Casablanca day trip morocco

Casablanca day tour:Casablanca is a port city located 240 Km north of Marrakech. Take advantage of this full-day trip from Marrakech to get a glimpse of the French colonial legacy clearly visible at Casablanca’s city center Moorish and art deco styles blending in unique harmony. Witness the majesty of Hassan II Mosque standing tall over the Atlantic Ocean with its 210 m tall minaret.

Casablanca day tours and excursions offer a comprehensive selection of Casablanca day trips to suit all travelers. Select one of our various excursions in Casablanca or enjoy tours to Morocco`s famous cities like Rabat, Marrakech, Fez, El Jadida and more.

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Casablanca day tours and excursions offer a comprehensive selection of Casablanca day trips to suit all travelers. Select one of our various excursions in Casablanca city or enjoy tours to Morocco`s famous cities like Rabat, Marrakech, Fez, El Jadida and more.eazy to booking


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Chefchaouen bleu City morocco

Chefchaouen is somewhere where you can enjoy a real, authentic experience of Morocco, with traditional markets, hammams, and restaurants to enjoy. It’s ideally placed for venturing out into the countryside too; as well as the beautiful Rif mountain range you have the Jebel Bouhachem Nature Reserve on your doorstep, and the Talassemtane National Park on the other side of the town. Whether it’s the influence of being surrounded by nature, the cool blue walls or the natural hospitableness of the Moroccan character, Chefchaouen is famous for being a friendly, relaxed place to visit. It’s certainly somewhere you don’t want to miss on your next visit to Morocco.

Chefchaouen is known to be one of the most peaceful and safest places in Morocco. Nestled in the Rif Mountains the city attracts all types of travelers. Let us take a look at what it is that attracts everyone to this city.

Discovering Chefchaouen

Chefchaouen means “two horns”—a reference to the twin peaks that tower over this small hillside town in northern Morocco. Locals call it Chaouen, but many travelers know it affectionately as “The Blue City.”

And rest assured that foreigners have discovered the place. Chefchaouen has seen a spike in tourism in recent years, thanks, at least in part, to the dreamy images shared by travelers on social media. And yet the town retains a laid-back authenticity. Maybe it’s the surrounding landscape, or maybe it’s the calming blue tones, but the atmosphere in Chefchaouen feels more relaxed than what you’ll likely experience in Marrakech or Fes.

The region has always been sacred to Muslims due to the presence of the tomb of Moulay Abdessalam Ben Mchich, patron saint of the Jebali Riffian tribesmen. In the late 15th century, the region experienced an influx of Muslim and Jewish refugees from Spain. And until the recent wave of tourism, Chefchaouen has been mostly untouched and isolated. Use the following overview to seize the day—and get some great photos while you’re at it—in this fascinating destination

Chefchaouen is small: two days is enough to see the main attractions. However, many people come here to relax in one of the hammams (jacobs) or hike in the nearby mountains, so you may want to allow yourself some extra days. For more information on how much time to spend in this region and other parts of Morocco,

You’ll spend most of your time in the compact medina. You could easily spend half a day wandering the alleyways, taking photos of brightly colored pots juxtaposed with the blue walls. But there are some key sights worth seeking out.

At the bottom of the medina is the Plaza Outa el-Hammam, the main square, which is named for the number of hammams that used to circle it. Here, you’ll find a range of restaurants and cafés perfect for people-watching.  After a cup or two of mint tea, venture to nearby leather, carpentry, and textile shops. Many travelers say they prefer the experience of shopping here, in contrast with Fes or Marrakech: the prices are generally a bit better and shopkeepers are more relaxed.

One shopping experience not to be missed is a visit to Hat Man. At this funky emporium located toward the top of the medina on Rue Targui, you can buy hand-knitted hats in many shapes, sizes, and colors. For gourmet souvenirs like goat butter and local mountain honey, head to Plaza Hata, then admire the colonial architecture in elegant Plaza el Makhzen.

After a lunch of tagine (a North African stew made with stewed meat and vegetables) at one of the town’s various traditional eateries, head to the Grand Mosque and Kasbah. The Grand Mosque, built by Moulay Mohamed in 1560, is the city’s oldest and largest place of worship. Like all Moroccan religious sights, non-Muslims are not allowed to enter. However, it’s still a building worth admiring from the outside.  At the Kasbah (old fortification), you can visit a garden, a museum, and some of the old prison cells used during Spanish rule. Make sure you head to the roof for a fantastic view of the boldly-hued buildings and town below.

Next, head over to Ras el Ma spring, the town’s primary water source, and find a quaint riverside café where you can pause to enjoy another cup of tea. You may even catch a glimpse of local women washing their clothes in the water. Then, follow the path up the hill for half an hour to reach the white Spanish Mosque. From this vantage point, you can savor one last view over the town as the sun sets behind the mountains.

On your second day, take a short drive to the starting point of a hiking trail. You can choose between hiking along the river to the Cascades d’Akchou waterfall, or to the rock arch known as “The Bridge of God.”  If you’re feeling energetic, you could do both. Otherwise, plan on spending at least a half-day on the journey to either destination.

Morocco Travel Tours Offer Lots of tours from impiriel cities to chefchaouen

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dades valley

dades valley

Dades Valley Morocco

In the feet of the central High Atlas Mountains, on the southern morocco, you will discover one of the beautiful region in morocco, roses and dades valley with
architecture kasbas

, with its magnificent fields of roses, fortified villages, spectacular landscapes and where the hospitality Berbers is still present. Berber Traditional cultural.

the Dades Valley is scattered with oases, palm groves and elaborate kasbahs. The valley itself is made lush and green by the Dades River, which rises from the High Atlas Mountains before emptying into Morocco’s largest river, the Draa. The waters of the Dades provide life for a variety of almond, fig, walnut and birch trees on the valley floor offering a spectacular contrast to the earthen-colored rocky formations rising from the valley floor.

Often referred to as the Land of a Thousand Kasbahs, the Dades Valley is home to many kasbahs that were built here for the added protection the valley provides. The most impressive kasbahs are found in Skoura, a fertile oasis lined with palm groves with sweeping views of the Atlas Mountains. Stay in a converted kasbah to experience the splendor of the Dades Valley and tour the fully restored Amerhidil Kasbah which is featured on the 50.00 note of Moroccan Dirhams.

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Although the kasbahs of the Dades Valley are a definite must-see, the area’s natural beauty is the real highlight. Carved through the walls of the High Atlas Mountains by the Dades River, the Todra Gorge is best seen on foot. Wander the many hiking trails through the gorge while you admire the towering pink cliffs tinted with greens and golds that stretch nearly 1,000 feet above you. Rock climbing is becoming increasingly popular in the area with plenty of long classic routes up the Pillar du Couchant. Todra is best viewed in the morning hours when the light first reaches the bottom of the canyon. The canyon colors continue to change throughout the day based on the sun’s different positions.

The Dades Gorges mountain begins just north of the town of Boumalne du Dades Village, a peaceful and amazing town with all the amenities. A precarious road snakes down into the gorge from Boumalne du Dades and most visitors limit their exploration of the gorge to the road. The best views are not visible from the road so set out on foot to marvel at the red rock formations up close. Take some time to explore the hidden canyons like the Gorge de Miguirne where you can find rock pools and swimming holes. Hire a hiking guide or arrange a 4WD trip to ensure that you will see the best the Dades Valley has to offer.

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Day Trip From Marrakech

Day Trip From Marrakech

Day Trip From Marrakech

best Day Trip From Marrakech:The city of Marrakesh stimulates the imagination with its many souks and open-air markets where one can find thousands of spices and beautiful hand-made crafts. It’s definitely a very vibrant and colorful place to visit. It’s a city that is much more traditional and cultural than TangierRabat, or even Casablanca. It’s the starting point of many trips to the Sahara desert and it’s the first city most people visit when they arrive in Morocco. The city is full of culture and interesting history. It’s also a great place to taste Moroccan cuisine and learn Moroccan Arabic.

Marrakech Day Trips has been developing a large selection of Marrakech Excursions and desert tours since 2002. These tours cover all the attractions and cities of Morocco in order to allow individual and group travelers to discover the authentic side of Morocco with its deserts, valleys, coasts, and atlas mountains. Our tours and day trips are also well-chosen to offer a real contact with the people, whether you take a desert tour to meet the nomads of the Sahara, or take a day trip to one of the valleys to have some mint tea with the Berbers of the heights, you will definitely appreciate the ambiance, the hospitality and the warmth of deep Morocco with us. Marrakech Day Trips is always innovating to create tailor-made tours for all ranges and budgets, from fancy luxurious tours to low-cost and shared small group trips, but always making sure to deliver a professional service in all aspects. We provide independent travelers with daily Morocco vacation ideas and activities to do in Marrakech, Fes, Meknes and the rest of Morocco. This includes sightseeing tours, cultural heritage background, desert tours starting from all cities, one-day trips to the attractions surrounding Marrakech. We also organize some wonderful High Atlas Mountains trekking and hiking tours, we have carefully chosen the best routes to push your muscles and lungs to the limit, while enjoying the fresh and cool air of the Atlas heights, and getting an inside look and feel of the Berber lifestyle. This is truly the best way to be one with Nature.

Marrakech is great but even true lovers of the city look for other things to do after a few days. The good news is you can use the city as your base while spending time exploring the surrounding areas. Taking a day trip from Marrakech is a great way to escape the crush (and heat!) while experiencing a completely different side of Morocco. When planning your travel to Marrakech, I suggest staying for 2-3 days in the city and then planning at least a day trip.

It’s almost important to note where you can’t take a day trip. Most notably you can not take a day trip to Chefchaouan. So many people have asked me how to do this and it simply isn’t possible – the distance is too far. You also can’t take a day trip to the Sahara Desert, again it’s simply too far.

morocco travel tour offers special day tours from Marrakech :

atlas mountains day trip from marrakech, day trip from marrakech to essaouira  excursion,day tours from Marrakech to ait Benhaddou kasbah, a day trip to ouzoud waterfalls village and agafay,day trip to ourika villages, Ouarzazate day trip from Marrakech ,tour to Lalla takerkoust and drive to  amzmiz,Sahara day trip from Marrakech.

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visitinge ourika with panoramic view,

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day trips from fes

day trips from fes

fes day tour

fes day tour:Fes  (also known as Fez)is one of the most intriguing and fascinating cities in Morocco. With its tanning district, souk, and old medina a visitor can spend days wandering the city and still see new things. Fez is the second largest city of Morocco and the old of Morocco imperial cities, One of the great things about Fes is that it makes a great base for exploring the surrounding area. There are some wonderful places to see and things to do that make a great day trip from Fes. Here are just a few ideas.

Morocco Travel tours organize for you an interesting best day trip from the fez package. You can choose what best fits your interests. We have fes to chefchaouen day trip, fes to Meknes, Volubilis day trip, as well as fes to the Middle Atlas day trip.

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☞Fez excursions

☞What to see in fes in one day

☞Day tours from fez

☞Fes excursion day tour,

☞Excursion fes

☞Fes desert excursions

morocco travel tour organizes for you an interesting best day trip from fez package. You can choose what best fits with your interest.We have fes to chefchaouen day trip, fes to Meknes, Volubilis day trip, as well as fes to the Middle Atlas day trip.

Our agency can also arrange special trips for you if required. That is by just contacting us. Check out our about us page to know more about our agency.Fes to Chefchaouen Day Trip Your fez […] free booked service and cancellation price for free.


Day trip to Chefchaouen:

Chefchaouen or Chaouen is located on the horns of the Rif Mountains and just south the Mediterranean it is a relaxing and welcoming town. This day will be dedicated to exploring the simply beautiful city of Chefchaouen where everything is set dramatically climbing up the mountains. Load up your cameras! Its blue-washed houses, narrow cobbled streets, and mountainous backdrop create a tranquil and photographic setting. If you like goeat cheese, this is the best place to taste some. Back to Fes late evening.

Day trip to Rabat

Rabat is the official administrative capital of the kingdom. Three hours driving from Fes would allow you to explore Rabat where you will .visit the Mausoleum of the previous kings Mohammed V and Hassan II, walk in the Kasbah Oudaya and see the Hassan Tower which dated back to the 12 century, as well as the Necropolis site of Chellah which dated back to the BC time with the Phoenicians, then with Merinid in the 13 century, have some private time walking in the Cornish. Back to Fes aprx at 5 pm.

Day trip to Volubilis, Zarhon, and Meknes

1 hour and a half driving from Fes would take you to visit the UNESCO world heritage site Volubilis. Here you will spend time exploring the ancient Roman city. With its well-preserved mosaics, palaces, baths, and soaring arches.  later free tips included

After Volubilis move on to Moulay Idriss, one of Morocco’s most venerated Muslim sites and only recently opened to non- Muslims. It is an alternative place of Mecca. Visiting Moulay Idriss five times in one’s life is of equal merit. The village is known by its famous festival of choosing the most beautiful donkey in the village.

In the afternoon you will be headed to another UNESCO site and once a Capital of Morocco. In Meknes, you will visit the Medina with its beautiful Tomb of Moulay Ismail, The Granary, The Square of Lehdim, and the Gate of Bab al Mansour. You will have the opportunity to explore the souks and relax in one of the Square cafes. Back to Fes at aprx 5pm.laterfree tips  accommodation

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Essaouira morocco medina

Located on the windy Atlantic coast, about two hours southwest of Marrakesh is the small city of Essaouria. “Swerah,” as locals call it. Or it’s old Portuguese name “Mogador,” Our Essaouira travel guide will help you discover the highlights. This blue seaside town combines some of the best of what Morocco has to offer — excellent beaches, great food, and vibrant culture — with a chill atmosphere that isn’t as prominent in other parts of the country.

This vibrant city has a long history of colonization. The Portuguese were responsible for the construction of the massive stone walls that still surround the old medina of Essaouira. This, among other reasons, is why it is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

With its long beaches, calm harbor and friendly locals, Essaouria has developed into one of the more tranquil spots in Morocco. Windsurfers glide over the waves, the call of seagulls echo, and fishing boats pull into harbor. The salt air here is a crisp respite after a few days in Marrakesh or the heat of the Sahara.

Located on the windy Atlantic coast, about two hours southwest of Marrakesh, is the small city of Essaouria. “Swerah,” as locals call it. Or  it’s old Portuguese name “Mogador,” Our Essaouira travel guide will help you discover the highlights. This blue seaside town combines some of the best of what Morocco has to offer — excellent beaches, great food and vibrant culture — with a chill atmosphere that isn’t as prominent in other parts of the country.

This vibrant city has a long history of colonization. The Portuguese were responsible for the construction of the massive stone walls that still surround the old medina of Essaouira. This, among other reasons, is why it is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

With its long beach, calm harbor and friendly locals, Essaouria has developed into one of the more tranquil spots in Morocco. Windsurfers glide over the waves, the call of seagulls echo, and fishing boats pull into harbor. The salt air here is a crisp respite after a few days in Marrakesh or the heat of the Sahara.

Modern Essaouira Moroccan was found in 1760 by Mohamed III in hopes of securing a harbor as close to Marrakech as possible. The king put a lot of effort into building this city as the principal shipping port in Morocco. He hired engineers and builders from various backgrounds to build up the city. He encouraged foreign residents to move to Essaouira, hoping their connections and expertise would further build the city.

Essaouira also had one of the largest Jewish populations in the country, at 40% of the population. There were more than 40 operating synagogues at any one time. Today a few survive and are being rehabilitated as a part of King Mohammed VI plan to save sites of important religious, historical and cultural significance.

“Tourism in Essaouira is very different from tourism in other cities in the Kingdom of Morocco. There are no tourists who typically book package programs and spend their entire holidays in the town, and up to now large tour operators have avoided Essaouira. There you will primarily find individual tourists, water sports enthusiasts and day-trippers enjoying an excursion from Marrakech or Agadir. Instead of bars, parties and sunbathing, there is predominantly art, culture and sports.”

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fes desert tours

We, the Fes Desert Tours are a reputable Moroccan tour operator based in Fes with more than 15 years of experience in organising Moroccan tours and excursions. We strive to design and tailor-made tour packages that suit your travel needs from budget to luxury. Either you are couples, friends, small group, family with kids, independent travellers, women or men, we have tours and excursions that suit you.
While accommodation, tour guides, transportation and itineraries are taken care of, you can truly lay back, relax and enjoy this exotic country. If you are dreaming of visiting Morocco, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will most definitely take you to explore the magical, charming Morocco for a few days, which could include The Souks, The Old Medinas in the bustling cities and smaller towns, the wonderful nature, waterfalls, breathtaking desert landscapes beautiful Atlas & Rif mountains, The Atlantic Coast and many beautiful sights, the best destinations of Morocco.
We organise a variety of Tours & Excursions, include:Fes Desert Tours ,Fes excursions,Marrakech Desert Tour,Marrakech Excursions,Marrakech Trekking,Morocco imperial cities,Morocco desert tour ,Morocco Sahara Tour ,Morocco adventure tour,Moroccan historical & cultural tours,Moroccan festivals & arts tours,Honeymoon tours in Morocco,Atlas Mountain & Trekking tours,Imperial city tours ,Moroccan Adventure Desert 4×4 Tour ,Bivouacs & Camel Trekking Tour,Tailor-made excursions tours and vacations.
We are more than happy to assist you every step of the way and advise you on choice. We certainly would do our best to ensure you a safe, comfortable, fascinating and enjoyable experience of Moroccan life and culture. So, let us make your dream come true and have an enjoyable trip with memories that will last a lifetime.
Our tours and excursions are available to depart from different cities in Morocco;Fes ,Marrakech,Casablanca,Ouarzazate ,Tangier,Rabat,Agadir ,Merzouga ,Meknes,Chefchaouen Call us today for your next travel to Morocco. Our agency opens 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, we are available at all time when you need us.

Morocco Travel tours is a tour operator based in Marrakech, with many years in this field we offer you the most amazing and attracting Fez desert tours , Fez excursions , morocco desert tours as fez desert tours 2 days, fes desert tours 3 days, fes desert tours 4 days and also fes desert tours 5 days and almost every private day trip.
With our morocco desert tours we give you the chance to visit and discover the golden desert of morocco, you will experience the Moroccan local life as spending the night in a desert camp, you will live the adventure of camel trekking and you will also visit the wonderful Moroccan berber valleys and kasha’s.and desert of erg chebbi,and the traditional town of morocco like midelt ,gorges dades,errachidia,azrou,kasbah ait ben haddou,todgha gorges valley,rissani village….
Your journey with Fes medina morocco tours will include the traditional side by visiting the beating hearth of morocco, which is imperial cities, you will taste the local food and enjoy the small roads in the very old medinas, and we guarantee that you will spend with us an unforgettable morocco desert tours or private day trip. Beside our wide range of morocco desert tours and private day trips, you can contact as to arrange your own tour as you wish.
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Marrakech Desert Tours

Marrakech Desert Tours

Marrakech Desert Tour Morocco

Marrakech Desert Tours:Marrakech Travel tours Company makes bound to create a perfect opportunity to all or any people to enjoy whether or not they were travelers trying to find an adventure, or simply people trying to find a peaceful holiday.
This chance, an epic chance to urge to understand the important, unfiltered, beauty of this country Morocco, that was influenced by a mix of cultures like the African, Arabic, Christian, Islamic, and Andalusian which may be seen everywhere the architecture. .

Through choosing the Marrakech desert tour you’ll visit numerous cities, towns, villages, and natural scenes that represent a neighborhood of the Moroccan culture besides the friendly & welcoming nature of the Moroccans.
Marrakech Desert Tours will take you thru an expensive journey to urge on the brink of rare views and adventurous lifetime experiences, like camel trekking, spending the nights within the open, taking note of the sweet sound of the winds and therefore the sands, trying the Moroccan delicious food, sand boarding and lots of activities…

Marrakech Desert Tours is the chance to explore the Red City with its incredible architecture and lively colorful souks. don’t miss the prospect to be inspired, to get, to LIVE.

The best desert tours from Marrakech
Luxury Marrakech desert tours
Through Marrakech to Fes desert tours, you’ll be introduced to Moroccan cuisine, which is that the best thanks to knowing a culture. The worldwide Moroccan cuisine is documented for its use of various spices and sauces also as combining tastes of the sweet and salty that was influenced by the Berber-Moorish European, Miditerriane cuisines.
You will have the chance to cook your own Moroccan lunch within the Medina surrounded by a garden at the Marrakech Cooking School. This colorful tasty journey will show you the range of dishes this cuisine can present like Couscous the normal Friday meal of Morocco, Pastilla, Tajine, Harira, Tanjia and in fact the ever-present drink – tea with mint then many other tempting plates.

Another aspect which will assist you get to understand this city more through Marrakech desert tours is that the fascinating architecture and sort of arts which will be seen everywhere you wander in Morocco from the gorgeous carpets on the floors to the colorful fabrics the hand-decorated utensil the detailed metalwork, and in fact the normal tile work on every fountain floor and set of stairs. Anyone with an appreciation of the sweetness and skilled work that goes into these fine artisanal wares is going to be delighted by this offered chance by Marrakech desert tours.

Begin the journey, begin the dream, together with your friends, your family, yourself and step into the important heart of Morocco, to form everlasting memories, to find out more about the culture, history, and traditions. Join us, join Marrakech desert tours and convey joy to your heart, soul, and mind.

This is one of the reasons we harness our expertise, gained from several years of experience, to help create great Marrakech tour moments for visitors who love to explore the world. Let’s help fill your senses with wonder only found in this great city of Morocco. We create specific travel itineraries to accommodate your adventure interests in mind and ascertain your complete satisfaction. Even if you’re thinking of a tailored Marrakech desert tour with your family, children, friends or a professional group, we’re more than happy to assist you to meet your long-time travel dreams. Before you make any reservations, we shall have shared with you Sahara Desert tour outlines that comfortably suit your budget, timeline and travel interests. Student groups are not left out by our customized services. We’ve served several international university students with budget shared desert trips to their absolute delight and satisfaction. At a very customized rate, our visitors enjoy organized Marrakech desert trips to Morocco’s Atlas Mountains, desert oases and amazing sand dune sites. Overnight sleep at a desert camp alongside experienced tour guides with an unforgettable thrill of local stories and tunes is too much to miss on.

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We offer short day trips, long holiday trips, small group excursions, Ride Camel Trek, and private tours. Our services allow you to explore Morocco’s most beautiful places for a one-of-a-kind and jaw-dropping experience! Our excursions through the Sahara Desert in Morocco can also include visits to the exciting city of Blue Chefchouan and the imperial cities of Fez, Meknes,Essaouira,ouzoud,ait Benhaddou, and Rabat. Each one of these historical imperial cities has its own unique culture and flavor that you just have to see! Our Morocco desert tours are not to miss. We offer Tours from Marrakech, Desert tour from Marrakech, morocco tour from Marrakech to desert trip and excursion from Marrakech & Camel Trek from Marrakech, 2 Days Desert trip from marrakech, 4 days Sahara desert trip from marrakech, 3 Days trip from marrakech to chegaga, 5 Days Desert Tour starting from Marrakech, 2 Days Zagora trip from marrakech, 3 days desert tour from marrakech to merzouga, 3 days merzouga desert tour from Marrakech, 4 days camel trip to the desert sahara marrakech, Shared 3 days desert tour from Marrakech to Merzouga, sightseeing erg echebbi, Shared 3 days desert tour from Marrakech to Fes, Morocco Sahara Desert Excursions and Trips in Marrakesh to Sahara desert including camel trek and overnight at the desert camp, sunrise and sunset in the desert,berber music in the traditional tent, night in the desert, Marrakech desert tours Morocco Tour starting From Marrakech To Sahara, Camel Trek from Marrakech, all our morocco excursions, trips & tours starting from Marrakech including the visit of the Sahara desert we offer you all the support and information you need to book the best trip possible for you and your party. We are always ready to answer all your questions and to provide key knowledge about what to expect on your private Morocco tours. Allow us to plan your tailor-made and custom itinerary completely within your travel budget so that you can explore the rich cultural traditions of the colorful Berber villages of Morocco.

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Meknes  Morocco City

explore Meknes with Morocco travel tours

Meknes city has a strategic location on the highland plateau of north-central Morocco between Rabat and Fez which makes it a passage to many neighboring historical monuments and landscapes. The climate is very nice. Spring and summer are favorite seasons for visitors since they display the most charming weather which paves the way for local festivals promoting the diversity of Meknes’ culture.

Meknes is one of the imperial cities in morocco known by its abundant water resources due to its location near the middle Atlas that is considered the biggest tank of water in Morocco; in addition to the richness and fertility of its lands. Such geographical qualities have made it attractive to investment, namely in the agriculture sector.

Berbers first settled in Meknès, Morocco in the 10th century, but it wasn’t until 700 years later that the city really came into its own.  When Moulay ar-Rashid died in 1672, his brother and successor, Moulay Ismail, made Meknès his capital.  He would reign from here for the next 55 years.

Moulay Ismail built 25 kilometers of imposing walls with monumental gates and an enormous palace complex that was never finished.

After he died, his descendants moved the capital to Marrakech and Meknès reverted to being a backwater.  When the Lisbon earthquake struck in 1755, many of the city’s monuments were stripped so that the marble and other materials could be used to repair buildings elsewhere.

In 1912, the French made Meknès their military headquarters.  There are many reminders of their occupancy today in shop signs and information boards.

It’s only in the past few decades that parts of Meknès have begun to be restored.


Its climate is amazing, it has a Mediterranean climate, shifting from cool cold winter to hot days in the summer, however, the nights are always cool, the bad news is, it rarely snows in Meknes. In Meknes, you can find all kinds of markets, shops, restaurants, gardens…and much more, in another way, when you in Meknes you do not have to travel to another city to get something, everything you need is there. Moroccan people in general, and Meknes people to be more specific are well known for their hospitality and generous, you can be sure that you will build a lot of new relations, and you will taste a lot of their feasts, and not many enjoy a tasty burger made of a camel in your place, you will see the sign with a camel face one of the butcher’s markets. It is exquisite, a bit spicy but very good and different. About the city geography, it is not hard to tell that you will find amazing sights there, from high mountains to big forests, and landscapes, other than that in Meknes you can find:

Meknes is an agricultural city par excellence. The plantations of olive trees are one of its characteristics as well as its olive oil. The large rich fields of grapes are highly remarkable in Meknes and most of them are exported to Europe thanks to their good quality. Such geographical advantages make Meknes qualified to host the international exhibition of agriculture. The latter covers 100,000 square meters and welcomes professionals and exhibitors from all over the globe. The rationale is to showcase the latest innovations that may lead to improving the agricultural field locally and globally.

Landmark Monuments

Bab Al-Mansour is one of the most remarkable gates in Morocco and even in North Africa. It was built in the reign of Moulay Ismail by a Christian engineer who had converted to Islam. It was decorated by Moulay Abdallah (the son of Moulay Ismail).

Hedim Square is a large square located in the heart of the old Meknes medina. It was established by Moulay Ismail for the exposition of his army. It has seen many changes and it has become now a place for cultural activities animated by storytellers to entertain tourists.

Walili (Volubilis): (About 23 km from Meknes and near Moulay Idriss Zerhoun)

Its history goes back to 40 A.D. It is an amazing tourist site that invites countless visitors yearly. Really, it is a great memorial of the Roman civilization.

the old medina

The old medina in Meknes is a living museum for tourists since it incarnates the major historical landmarks of the city.

What is appealing while visiting the old medina are its crafts. They are symbolic capital of the city that epitomizes its originality and specificity. Souk (markets) are popular in the old medina and they are a target for buying traditional clothes and jewelry. They are distinct by their narrowness and most of the times overcrowded. In the center of the old medina there is the Madrasa Bou Anania, a stunning quranic school that goes back to the 14th century. The latter is located near Jamaa Lakbir (the big mosque) which adds a pinch of spirituality to the old medina.

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Merzouga Desert

Merzouga Desert

Merzouga Desert tours

Morocco travel tours is your special range in Marrakech Morocco. It demands nothing much of you, but to relax and looked at the ever-changing colors of the Merzouga desert, Situated within the quiet and idyllic sand dunes of Erg Chebbi, this splendid luxury camp caters your memorable vacation. it’s the right getaway for honeymooners, individuals and little groups seeking uncompromising privacy and solitude Our Private luxury Camp offers Ten spacious Guide And luxury tents with a way of comfort and prestige. The Private Camp is meant for those that enjoy the peace that utter silence can afford. escape for each day or two and enjoy the posh atmosphere, reflecting or taking walks in one among the foremost enchanting Sahara of the planet, Merzouga luxury camps, located an hour and a half drive from Erfoud. Enjoy your special night under the celebs at this beautiful Oasis during a premium tented camp. Experience a camels ride at sunset and sunrise from the highest of the dunes. Your desert experience includes an authentic Moroccan dinner under the celebs and breakfast within the morning

Merzouga is a small city on the foots of Erg Chebbi Sahara desert, Erg Chebbi is Morocco’s highest and largest sand dunes. At the foot of the dunes are a few other small villages which are worth to visit. One of those Villages is Khamlia village the home of black people, whose ancestors were taken there for a few centuries ago as slaves and now their descendants live there. They have developed a special spiritual music Gnawa which is wonderful to listen to, even dance if you get the urge. It tells about the times that have gone, but even about the current time.

Enjoy Your Time In Merzouga desert  Ride a camel into the Moroccan desert tour on an overnight trip from Mergouza morocco, camping in the desert, and sleeping beneath Saharan stars. Set up a traditional nomadic camp tent in the sand and watch the sun slip away behind Erg Chebbi’s towering dunes. Dine fireside on regional specialties and take in the haunting sounds of Berber music; climb the dunes for a desert sunrise, then mount your camel for an hour’s ride out of the sand, and back to Merzouga.

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One of the most awaited moments of our visit to Morocco was a tour from Marrakech to the Merzouga Desert (3-10 days) tours. In this Visiting tour, we crossed the chains of the Atlas mountains and spent a night insider the Sahara desert near Merzouga village, more precisely between the dunes of Erg Chebbi (but most people refer to it as the Merzouga Desert). We had already seen several deserts before, and although the Merzouga Desert is not one of the largest ones we have ever seen, it has a magical ambiance with its high dunes, golden color at sunrise or sunset and the sky full of stars at night.

Stay 2 nights and 1 day trips in the Sahara desert of Merzouga will give you the perfect chance to visit khamlia village and see the Khamlia music band. Go around sand dunes and see the life behind them, visit Nomads living in caves and share a cup of tea with them. To visit Merzouga from Marrakech you will need a minimum of 3 days desert trip from Marrakech and 2 days trip from Fes. The desert is quite spectacular and you’ll want to spend more than just 90 minutes riding out into the dunes and back, especially after a long trip from Marrakech or Fes. 2 nights in Merzoug is very recommended and will allow you to take part in a couple of different activities while you’re there. The quickest straight shot to get to Merzouga is to fly from Casablanca to Ouarzazate (7-8 hour drive to Merzouga), or Errachidia (2 hr drive to Merzouga)sss

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Ouarzazate Morocco

On your way to the Sahara desert? Don’t forget to spend a couple of days in Ouarzazate, Morocco. Here’s everything you need to know, things to do, what to see, where to stay and how to get there from Marrakech.

Ouarzazate was once an important stop on the trans-Saharan caravan route that connected traders from Africa and Europe. During French colonial rule it served as a garrison town, and today it is a popular stopover for tourists on their way from Marrakesh to the south of Morocco. Some visitors come to discover the film sets and studios that give the city its other nickname, Ouallywood. Its Atlas Mountains panoramas and the many ksars and kasbahs of the surrounding area have featured in a slew of major films and television series including The Mummy, Gladiator, and Game of Thrones. Others use Ouarzazate as a convenient base for exploring the nearby desert with its lush oases and rich Berber culture.

Apart from the well-known big cities of Morocco, the small cities and oases of south-east region, such as Ouarzazate, Kelaa Megouna, Bomalne Dades, Tinghir, Zagora and Arfoud are causes for wonder. While these cities have certain commonalities, including culture and dialect of Tamazight language; their landscapes range from mountains to desert. Having written on Boumalne in a previous article, I will address Ouarzazate: the gate to the Sahara and the Holly wood of Africa.

Ouarzazate is the largest city in southeast Morocco. Previously, several other cities were its provincial subordinates, now it is known as the Big Ouarzazate. Located 540 kilometers from the capital, Rabat, and 205 kilometers from Marrakech, the region was comprised of about 56.000 habitants (2004 census). Aside from its demographics, Ouarzazate has many fascinating features that are of interest to tourists and aficionados of Morocco including city’s historic and economic composition as well as landmark sites such as cinema studios, Kasbahs and oases.

In terms of tourist attractions, Kasbah Taourirt is a main event. It was built in 20th century, and was occupied by Caide Glaoui during the period of French powers in Morocco. It was a symbol of authority and French colonization. Now, it is a favorite tourist site by virtue of its beautiful architecture and significant history.

Besides Kasbah Taourirt, Ksar ait Ben hddou “Ait Ben hadou Palace” is a popular must-see sight when visiting Ouarzazate. It is situated 30 km away from the center of Ouarzazate, it is a collection of adobe Kasbahs surrounded by a tall fortified wall. It is worth mentioning that Ait Benhdou Palace was considered a world heritage by UNESCO since 1987. Shots of the palace can be viewed in famous films such as Lawrence of Arabia, The Sheltering Sky, The rules of Engagement and the 2000 award-winning “Gladiator”.

What to do in Ouarzazate

    • The market road, the rue de la Poste and the avenue Mohammed VI enclose the downtown, where the majority of the shops, cafes, and restaurants of Ouarzazate are located. Go for a stroll around the 3rd of March square to check out the city’s lively evenings. The city souk is held on the edge of the avenue Mohammed V. For your purchases, head to the city’s artisanal center. Here you can visit the workshops of stone carvers, and copper and silver sculptors.
    • When visiting Ouarzazate a stop at the kasbah of Taourirt, the ancient palace of the Pasha of Marrakech is mandatory. It faces the artisanal center on the other side of avenue Mohammed V. This colossal adobe edifice shelters a true labyrinth of halls and stairways as well as sumptuous rooms. In the kasbahs fortified village, venture through the maze of shaded alleyways, the peaceful atmosphere here is very pleasant.
    • Around Ouarzazate, you’ll observe a number of movie studios in the middle of the desert plateaus. These sets are often fake antique villas or temples used to film historical epics or other American productions. The most interesting sets can be found at the studios of the Atlas Corporation, easily recognized thanks to the enormous Egyptian statues guarding its entrance.

Hiking around Ouarzazate…

    • On the road to Zagora discover the Tamesla kasbah the “stork fortress”. It is near Tabounte only two kilometers from Ouarzazate. From here, go for an enchanting walk in the surrounding area, well removed from the usual tourist haunts. Back on the road to Zagora, turn right after the Tabounte bridge towards the Tiffoultoute kasbah. This place offers a magnificent view of the Draa Valley. After 3 km, follow the trail coming up on your left. Admire the black rocks of the pre-Saharan Anti Atlas that surround you. Follow the oud’s course on a beautiful walk through the Fint gardens.
    • East of Ouarzazate, you can take the Tinghir road about twenty kilometers to reach the shores of the great El Mansour Eddahbi lake at the feet of Jebel Kissane. This site is a starting point of many excursions in the surrounding area. Drive south on the kasbah road to M’Hamid where many desert expeditions await…

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rabat morocco city capital of morocco country

The city is on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, in the North-West of Morocco, 40 km away from Kenitra and 90 km at the North-East of Casablanca. It is separated from the city of Salé at the level of the mouth of Bouregreg. On the administrative level, its territory, of a surface area of 118 km, corresponds to that of the prefecture of Rabat that is made of the urban community of Rabat, one the one hand, divided into 5 districts; and on the other hand the urban community of Touarga, where is located the main royal palace of the country. During the most recent census (2015), the city had 1 972 686 inhabitants, making Rabat the 7th most populated city in the Kingdom. With its suburban area, it is the second-biggest conurbation of the country after that of Casablanca. It was founded in 1150 by the Almohad dynasty, which built there a citadel (which became the Kasbah of the Oudayas), a mosque and a residence. It was what we called by then a ribat, a “fortress”. The current name comes from “ribat al fath”, the “camp of victory”. Later, the grandson of Al-Mumim, Ya’qub al-Manur, grew up and completed the building of the city, notably by surrounding it with ramparts. After, it served as a base for military operations in Andalusia.

Many travelers consider Rabat an overlooked gem. It is the cleanest major city in Morocco and many people love this city because of the ease in which one can get around — wide sidewalks, friendly petit taxis, and a new tram to help commuters get around Rabat and across the Bouregreg River to nearby Salé. Rabat has a real European feel to it, with cafés lining the streets, a fine selection of restaurants, and a mix of languages overheard on the streets.

Just up from the hill from the medina is the Kasbah of the Udayas (Oudayas or Oudaïas), a well-preserved fortress dating from 12th century Almohad Dynasty with commanding views over Rabat, nearby Salé, the Bouregreg River and the Atlantic. Wander through the Andalusian Gardens, up through the blue-painted walls and enjoy a tea beneath the shade at the Café Oudaïa. A long stretch of the Rabat Beach starts behind the medina and down the hill from the kasbah. This is one of the better city beaches in Morocco and home to the Oudaïa Surf Club.

In Rabat, you can easily dive into art and culture while feeling at ease. The Theater of Rabat is home to the Rabati Theater Troupe. Many comedies, usually in French or Arabic, are staged here as well as visiting performances from around the world. The Goëthe Institute and Institute Français keep year-long schedules of events and as well as the yearly Mawazine Festival which invites musicians from around the world. Some of the recent performers have been Alicia Keys, B.B. King and Ricky Martin.

What to Do in Rabat

Udayas Kasbah — The Udayas Kasbah is a small and perfect, beautiful old kasbah with blue-painted walls and boutique shops. Be sure to stop by the Cafè Maure, sip on a tea, maybe grab a Moroccan cookie for a quick pick-me-up, and enjoy the view after a stroll through the Andalusian Gardens in the old palace grounds. Ignore any faux guides who will ask if you need a guide or tell you that you need to pay an entry fee to walk through the gates. If you have time, take a peek inside the Archeology Museum in the gardens for a look back through the history of Rabat.

Shop the Medina — Like most other Moroccan cities, Rabat has an old, maze-like medina. However, unlike other medinas around Morocco, the prices here are all basically fixed so you can stroll through this hassle-free medina in all of Morocco, casually shop for teapots, carpets, leather bags and various other souvenirs, and skip the headache of haggling over the price.

Hassan Tower and Mosque — This unfinished, ambitious mosque was initially started in 1195 by Yacoub el-Mansour (“The Victorious”) around the same time he oversaw the construction of the Udayas Kasbah. The Hassan Mosque was meant to be the second-largest mosque in the world and the greatest in Morocco. Original construction was abandoned in 1199, after al-Mansour’s death, and never resumed. The mosque’s prayer hall was in use until the Great Earthquake of 1755 (the same that leveled Lisbon) brought down the supporting columns, some of which have been reported to giving an idea of its possible size. It remains one of the most beautiful pieces of Almohad architecture in all of Morocco, though not as complete as the Koutoubia Mosque in Marrakesh.

The Mausoleum of Mohammed V — Just across from the Hassan Tower lies the Mausoleum of Mohammed V, begun in 1961, the year of the King’s death, and completed six years later. Mohamed V, his sons Hassan II (the current king’s father) and Moulay Abdellah. The lavish mausoleum was designed by Vietnamese architect Vo Toan.

Jewelry Museum — Nesting in the 17th-century palace of Moulay Ismail in the middle of the Oudayas Kasbah is the Jewelry Museum. Explanations here are limited to French, Spanish and Arabic, though it does house a fair selection of jewelry from the Phoenician and Roman colonies in Morocco, as well as jewelry typical from the various regions and cities of Morocco. This is the stop for those looking for a historical perspective of the jewelry adorning the women, and men, of Morocco. Open daily except Tuesday, 9am – 4pm.

Mohammed VI Museum for Modern and Contemporary Art —  Newly opened in October 2014, the Museum for Modern and Contemporary Art in Rabat ville is dedicated to preserving both past and present art in Morocco. Inspired by traditional Moroccan architecture, the museum took a decade to build and cost more than US $20 million in total. The first exhibition was dedicated to the last 100 years of Moroccan art, labeled: “1914–2014: 100 Years of Creation” and hosts 400 art pieces by over 150 Moroccan artists. The more modern pieces lean towards the abstract and figurative. 10, rue Beni Mellal, Angle Av Mohamed V. Tues-Sun, 9:30am – 7:30pm.

Chellah Gardens (Sala Colonia) and Necropolis — Head to the Chellah Gardens for a relaxing, beautiful walk through this ancient Roman-Moroccan ruin. Originally the site of the Roman city of Sala Colonia, hundreds of years after the Romans fled Morocco, the Almohad dynasty used the now-abandoned city as a necropolis, dubbed Chellah. They were followed by the Merinids, who built a mosque, zaouia and the royal tombs here. The great Lisbon earthquake of 1755, the same that leveled much of Meknes, damaged many of the structures here and the unused city fell into ruin. Today, Chellah has been transformed into a popular tourist destination for the expansive gardens. In the spring, hundreds of flowers are in bloom and couples can be strolling at their leisure along with the occasional bird watcher gazing up at the storks. The grounds are yours to explore, from the citadel to the ruins. The gardens also play host to the annual Chellah Jazz Festival, which is usually held in September. Open daily, 8am – 6pm.

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Sahara Desert Tours

Sahara Desert Tours

Morocco desert tours

Morocco Desert Tours And Sahara Desert Excursions, Trips Around Morocco

The Sahara Desert Tours: Any visit to Morocco should include a day or two in the Sahara Desert.  Spending a night time under canvas was certainly a highlight of our Intrepid tour around Morocco.

Morocco  Travel tours are a Travel Agency company that arranges The Best Private Fes Sahara Desert Tour Itineraries where you can have a Large choice of  Private Trips Around Morocco The Best and Popular Morocco desert trips starting from imperial Cities Fes and Marrakech, Casablanca to the Desert of Merzouga Including Camel Treks desert. overnight in the desert, private camp, Our Desert tours are designed for tourists who want to explore the beauty of Moroccan Saharan desertic.
Morocco  Travel tours, We invite you to an experience to discover the hidden secrets of our land of dreams, the fascinating landscapes of the giant ranges of the Atlas Mountains with its panoramic Berber villages and the ancient Kasbahs along the lush colorful valleys and oases of great southern Morocco. Enjoy a sunset camel trek and a 4×4 excursion in the heart of the mystic Erg Chebbi dunes and spend a memorable night in a nomadic tent under millions of shining stars in the middle of the Sahara desert. Or you customize your own trip to wander around the corners and streets of the medieval imperial cities of Marrakech and Fez, learn about their rich history, bustle and bargain in their traditional Souks. Relax at the fine beach of the fortified 17 th century town of Essaouira. Learn about Moroccan life, facts, traditions, culture and architecture, meet the friendly locals, taste their typical meals and get to know their styles of living. In other words, let us show you Morocco the way we live it and love it!! A world of surprises awaits you!

Our Morocco desert tour will expose you to all types of desert stunning natural landscapes that will immerse you in the world of adventures like never before.

To make your desert tour fulfilling; our team of experienced drivers and local guides will take you through the beaten track to help you discover more than what you had expected.

As a matter of fact, these professionals are well knowledgeable about the tours and their firm grasp of the English language should give you a reason to smile. At least the language barrier won’t be a problem anymore.

Our cultural tour will take you across the bustling atmosphere of Imperial cities all the way to the Sahara Desert’s dunes in Merzouga or And Zagora Desert. Actually, our cultural tours of Morocco’s most fascinating tourist attractions are tailored towards catering for all types of visitors starting from relaxed holiday-goers to any intrepid

If you’re looking for Morocco Sahara Desert Tours you’ve come to the right place. Our small group Morocco Travel Tour departs from Marrakech, Fes or else were on and take you on an unforgettable journey to the most beautiful places in Morocco.

We Offer 3 Type Of tours In the desert

-Luxury tours and is a private tour

-Standard tours and is private tours

-Shared tours 3-12 travelers.

Our activities iN THE Desert  Included: fast booking(book in the site), Local Guid,ride trekking camels, food  except for launch, comfortable car, enjoy wonderful sunrise, private tents, water, nights sleeping in the desert

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zagora desert

zagora desert

Zagora desert morocco:draa town

Zagora desert Situated near the Draa Valley, Zagora may be a village skirted by the mountain Zagora, after which the town was named. Popular for its inextricable link with the Sahara, the place attracts tourists from different parts of the planet. Visitors gravitate towards its dusty streets and terracotta buildings which are blanketed by the blue. Zagora’s stature as a desert outpost is indelible.

Zagora was once the stronghold of Almoravid folks and their legacy still reflects within the flanking hills. Today, the town may be a forum and trading spot with souks and festivals being organized twice every week, typically on Wednesday and Sunday.

Its Moroccan side is unleashed within the sort of regional food and drinks available within the nook and corner of the town. starting from couscous to the exotic Berber pizza, Madfouna, the town serves it all.

Highlights in city Zagora, the town of the Desert Wanderers
While most visitors won’t spend quite an evening within the town, it’s an excellent place to experience a traditional Moroccan lifestyle and culture. From serene tourist spots to eclectic souks, Zagora offers a good sort of place to explore.

Palm Grove – The Green Oasis
If you’re a fan of serene, green spaces, then you can’t afford to miss visiting the gorgeous Palm Grove of Zagora. it’s the most important palm grove within the world that gives an exceptional experience! This natural retreat is stretched for miles between the town and therefore the Draa river. With several paths running amid the gardens, the place becomes a heavenly destination for wanderers. Those tired by walking can taste the 30 sorts of dates that are available within the Palm Grove. Healthy and delicious, they have a tendency to function great snacks for the hungry.

Draa Valley – The Longest River in Morocco
Born by the confluence of Dades and Imini, the Draa River is that the longest altogether of Morocco. The history of this river dates back in 550 BC and as evidence, several artifacts and rock engravings (petroglyphs) can still be found at its bank, the foremost popular being the alleged relic, The Venus of Tan-Tan.

The best time to go to the river is during summer when it’s full flow. If you visit the place within the season, you’ll find children swimming and playing within the river, while the adults usually gather at its shores.

The Famous “The Road to Timbuktu” Painting
This historical sign remains up in the west-end of the town of Zagora. It says that Timbuktu is a mere 52-days journey by camel.

The sign was first put up by the traders who traveled to Timbuktu on camels to a commodity for gold. a number of them transported dates, silver, gold, slaves, handcrafted works, and salt. Zagora was a famous stop during this desert route, popularly called Salt Train. Moroccan Sultans are known to form wealth from these caravans.

While the painting put up now’s a replica of the first, it depicts the precise same number of camels and nomads that were painted within the original painting.

Fossil Safari – Digging for Dinosaurs
Zagora offers the last word experience of digging out a dinosaur fossil from the rubbles. Rich in minerals and fossils, Morocco has embraced the relics as its cultural heritage. A dinosaur park in Zagora has T-Rex and Triceratops statues were created by local artist Amer Oubani, who was influenced by this cultural heritage and wanted to immortalize it.

You can also continue fossil desert safari tours that permit you to dig the fossils. a number of these adventurous tours can last up to five days – a treat for the intrepid adventurer.

Watermelons – The Unexpected Fruit

While, deserts are bereft of juicy watermelons, Zagora is understood for its cultivation of the fruit. Grown on the once-uncultivated land, the fruits are harvested typically within the month of April and by the top of May, buyers from across the country reach the town for trade.

If you’re visiting Zagora in spring, then watermelons must be an important part of your daily diet.

M’Hamid – Historically Important Site
M’Hamid may be a small village within the town of Zagora and also the last point of the route N°9. it had been the shelter ground for the caravans heading towards Timbuktu and other places. the town accommodated as many as 5000 camels at a time. The village is additionally referred to as Bounou and was once a thriving settlement inhabited by a mixed populace of local Aït Atta Berbers, Local drawa, and native Hassani tribes.

While not much is found about the village on the road and travel guides and websites, the locals offer tons of intimate information about the place with some sense of pride and melancholy.

Since the village is followed by the Sahara, you’ll choose a camel ride, 4×4, or night camping into the desert.

Museum of Arts and Traditions
8 Km north of Zagora, flanked by the endemic view of palmeraie, is that the triple-story Museum of Art and Traditions. This mudbrick building is that the home of fascinating items including a vintage ham radio, a gramophone, and intriguing sets of tea glasses that are known to shatter on contact with poison. These antiquated items are bound to transport you to the age of 1930s. aside from the tea salon, the museum consists of a birthing room and wedding dresses from five local tribes.

Like other museums of the planet , all the things are tagged with their names, origins, and purpose. Both French and English languages are wont to describe them for the simplest understanding of international tourists.

Riad Lamane Zagora – A Refreshing Retreat
This luxurious retreat is found in within the heart of the Draa oasis. Designed in typical Moroccan style, the riad includes an outside swimming bath surrounded by palm trees, dining room under a tent in garden, restaurants, bar, and excursions. Its accommodation choices include tranquil African and Berber tents that are found out within the garden around fountains. Splendid views and luxury are offered at the Riad.

Moussem of Sufi Moulay Abdelkader Jilali
Moussem is an annual gathering of over 30 tribes from southern Morocco and other parts of Northwest Africa in Tan-Tan. The fair is usually organized within the month of December and celebrates the local traditions and culture and promotes the centuries-old lifestyle that has been altered by urbanization.

The fair includes race, camel race, poetry, dance, and crafts. Several tents at the fair exhibit the aspects of Berber tribal life, which usually includes popular games, marriage ceremonies, and weaving. Other tents are found out with traditional craft pieces on sale.

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